Robotics Panel

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Saturday April.15 2016

3:10pm – 4:30pm

UC McConomy

Robot, a concept brought up by sci-fi writer Karel Capek in the 1920s, has gone through enormous progress in the previous century. More and more robots emerge in various industries, serving as a complement to human workforce and companions: some as factory workers, some as servants, and some even as a part of family. As robotics technology advances in an increasing rate, there will be more robots around us as different roles, more than we can imagine now. What types of exciting robotics technologies are going to come to real-life? Are these technologies going to change the way human and robots get along with each other? Robotics panel is going to address these questions and picture a future of human-robot society. Our major topic is: Human’s Ally in the Future: Robots as Assistants and Companions. 


  • Current industry applications: Robots as Assistants and Companions 
  • Robotics Research: Breakthroughs in Robotics Technologies
  • Future Robotics Industry: Commercialization of State-of-the-Art Robotics Technologies; Investment Trends
  • Policy-making and Doubts of Society 


Yaser Sheikh

Associate Professor, CMU Robotics Institute, Mechanical Engineering Department, Quality of Life Technology Center

Yaser Sheikh is an Associate Professor at the Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, with appointments in the Mechanical Engineering Department and the Quality of Life Technology Center. His research interests span computer vision, computer graphics, and robotics, and are focused on the machine perception of social behavior. He has won Popular Science’s Best of What’s New Award, the Honda Initiation Award (2010), best paper awards at WACV (2012), SAP (2012), SCA (2010), and ICCV THEMIS (2009), and the Hillman Fellowship for Excellence in Computer Science Research (2004). He has over 50 publications in leading conferences in computer vision, computer graphics, and machine learning, and holds four patents on his research. His research is sponsored by various government research offices, including NSF and DARPA, and several industrial partners including the Intel Corporation, the Walt Disney Company, Nissan, Honda, Toyota, and the Samsung Group.


Yaser Sheikh


Yaser Sheikh 是卡内基梅隆大学机器人学院、机械工程系、生活质量技术中心的副教授。他的研究方向包括了计算机视觉、计算机图形学、机器人学、机器对人类行为的感知。他曾获得 Popular Science’s Best of What’s New Award, the Honda Initiation Award (2010), best paper awards at WACV (2012), SAP (2012), SCA (2010), 与 ICCV THEMIS (2009), 以及 the Hillman Fellowship for Excellence in Computer Science Research (2004)。他在计算机视觉、计算机图形学、机器学习的顶级学术会议上发布了 50 多篇论文,同时也拥有 4 项专利。他的研究受到多个政府机构与公司赞助,包括 NSF、DARPA、英特尔、迪士尼、尼桑、本田、丰田、三星。

Yi Pin Ng

Yunqi Partners, Co-founder Partner & Managing Partner

Prior to founding Yunqi Partners, Yi Pin was a partner at GGV Capital. He was with GGV for over 10 years of which 4 years was in GGV's Silicon Valley office.

Yi Pin has extensive experience in successfully investing in smart device / mobile technology, advance manufacturing, and TMT sector.

These investments include AAC Technology (2018.HK), Sinosun (300333.SZ), Meihua Grp (600873.SH), XFire (acq by Viacom), Placeware (Acq by MSFT), Wayport (Acq by AT&T), GLog (Acq by Oracle), Chaoli, Bellabeat and Bluesmart etc.

Prior to GGV, Yi Pin was with GIC and Sun Microsystem. Yi Pin graduated from USF and did his MSc at Stanford University and MBA at NTU Business School.



云启资本,联合创始人 & 管理合伙人

在创建云启资本之前,黄榆镔是纪源资本(GGV Capital) 的合伙人,在GGV有10年(4年在硅谷)的投资经验。黄榆镔在智能手机零部件、先进制造业和互联网等领域领导和参与了多个成功项目和拥有丰富的经验,包括瑞声科技 (2018.HK) 、兆日科技 (300333.SZ), 梅花味精(600873.SH), 美国Xfire (被Viacom收购)、美国Placeware(被MSFT收购),美国Wayport(被AT&T收购), 美国GLog (被Oracle收购), 和超力高科,美国Bellabeat,美国Bluesmart 等等。

在加入GGV之前,曾在硅谷为新加坡政府投资公司GIC、和美国Sun Microsystems工作多年。


Dave Mawhinney

Associate Teaching Professor of Entrepreneurship

Executive Director of the Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship

Dave brings a vast background in marketing, sales, product development and operations from co-founding four information technology entrepreneurial ventures. In addition to being Co-Director of the Carnegie Mellon Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Dave also serves as the Executive Director of the Donald H. Jones Center for Entrepreneurship, Managing Director of the Open Field Entrepreneurs Fund, and Director of the i6 Agile Innovation System.

Prior to his recent positions, Dave was Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO of mSpoke (acquired by Linkedin); General Partner for PNC Technology Investors; Co-Founder, Director, and President of Premier Health Exchange; and on the founding management team for Hawk Medical Supply Corp.



卡耐基梅隆大学 中美创新创业峰会机器人论坛 主持人



戴夫曾是四家信息技术公司的联合创始人,在营销,销售,产品开发以及运营方面拥有丰富的经验和背景。除了担任卡内基梅隆创新与创业中心联合主任之外,戴夫还担任唐纳德·琼斯创业中心执行董事,开放领域企业家基金董事总经理,i6 Agile创新系统总监。在这些担任近期职务之前,戴夫是mSpoke(由Linkedin收购)的联合创始人,董事长兼首席执行官、PNC技术投资者普通合伙人、Premier健康交流公司的联合创始人兼总经理、和Hawk医疗供应公司创始管理团队成员。

Chris Evdemon

Partner, Sinovation Ventures

Chris is a Partner at Sinovation Ventures and the CEO of Sinovation North America, currently based in the Bay Area after spending 10 years in Singapore and in Beijing. Chris has been “hands on” his entire career around his entrepreneurial and angel investment projects. Earlier in his career, he was a Managing Partner at Eastern Bell Venture Capital and also served as the CEO of ICDL Asia Pacific, an organization in the computer skills certification sector with operations in 25 Asian countries which he helped turnaround and relocate to Singapore. Prior to Asia, Chris co-founded and managed ECDL Hellas in his native Athens, Greece. Chris holds a M.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College in London, and an MBA from INSEAD.




易可睿拥有帝国理工大学机械工程硕士学位、欧洲工商管理学院MBA学位。他有12年的创业和天使投资经验,主要投资IT领域、教育和娱乐产业。2008-2009年,他在钟鼎创业投资有限公司担任管理合伙人。2005-2007年,任 ICDL 亚太有限公司 CEO,该公司是国际基本电脑使用技能认证公司,已在超过 25 个亚洲国家推广。在其执掌下,公司进行全面拓展并转移到新加坡。到亚洲工作前,易可睿在希腊合伙创办了 ECDL Hellas S.A.,第三年即获得一千万美元收益和两百万美元净利润。易可睿在创业环境和运营方面有着极丰富的经验,尤其在特许和许可证发放领域。他亦是一位活跃的投资人,主要投资在中国和新加坡等地。他是东南亚天使投资联盟(BANSEA)的主管,同时也是中国天使投资联盟(CBAN)的合伙发起人。

Terry Sy

Executive Director & Founder, ROBOTC China

Terry Sy is the executive director of ROBOTC China, the only organization authorized in China to promote what is considered one of the world’s premier robotics education systems. ROBOTC was developed at the Robotics Academy at Carnegie Mellon University, the global research university, based in Pittsburgh. It supports several different robotics platforms and features a variety of functions, including tips and tools for educators and parents on using robotics to teach children about math, science, engineering and physics.

Robert Daley

CEO & Founder of 4moms, Inc.

Founding Partner, Managing Director of Navigation Capital Partners

Vice President of The Pittsburgh Venture Capital Association

Mr. Daley has been the CEO of 4moms since its formation in 2005. 4Moms is a baby products company that aims to change the way we think about traditional products like play yards, strollers, and sleepy-time swings. He leads the general strategy and business planning for the company and is specifically responsible for leading the strategic planning for sales, marketing and operations. He is deeply involved in most areas of product development, marketing and graphic and industrial design. He has primary responsibility for developing consumer insights and determining what products and features the Company should pursue. Previously he spent nine years as a venture capitalist and three years as an investment banker. He has eight patents issued and sixteen patent applications pending.



4moms  CEO & 创始人

Navigation Capital Partners 创始人与主管


罗伯特·戴利先生于 2005 年创建了 4moms 并担任其 CEO。4moms 开发的产品主要包括婴儿车、婴儿床等母婴产品。与普通母婴产品不同的是,4moms 将机器人学融入了这些产品,让婴幼儿照料更加智能与人性化。戴利先生在高科技产品开发与设计、企业战略与管理等方面有多年经验。他同时也是匹兹堡孵化器 AlphaLab 的创业导师,并兼任卡内基梅隆大学 Tepper 商学院的教职。

Karl Rauscher

Chairman of Strategic Advisory Board, Cloudminds

Managing Director & CEO, Global Information Infrastructure Committee

Mr. Karl Frederick Rauscher serves as Chairman of CloudMinds' Strategic Advisory Board, which supports the company's mission across technology, business and policy dimensions.

Karl has over 30 years of business experience in the communications and Internet industry, including 15 years of chief executive and board experience with responsibilities spanning profit and loss, cost center and hybrid business models. He serves as an Independent Director on the Board of Sonavation, where has also serves as Chairman of their Strategic Advisory Board. He is a member of the Strategic Advisory Board of Liquid Robotics.

Karl is a Commissioner, and the Managing Director and CEO of the Global Information Infrastructure Commission (GIIC), a federation of Chairmen and CEOs affiliated with the world's leading Internet companies with a reach of nearly 200 countries and with aggregate annual revenues exceeding $500 billion, who anticipate and address high-consequence issues concomitant with the advance of information and communications technologies.



Global Information Infrastructure Committee 主管与 CEO

卡尔·劳舍尔先生是达闼科技的战略顾问委员会主席,负责达闼科技的技术、商务与政策方面的战略事务。达闼科技,成立于2015年初,是全球首家云端智能机器人运营商,专注于实现云端智能机器人运营级别的安全云计算网络、大型混合人工智能机器学习平台、以及安全智能终端和机器人控制器技术研究。劳舍尔先生在信息技术与互联网领域有三十多年经验。同时,他也是 Liquid Robotics, Sonavation 的战略顾问委员会成员。劳舍尔先生在机器人、信息安全等技术应用的政策方面有丰富经验。