The Six Panels


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Mobile Health technology has established a stably growing trend in all populations across the globe, especially in US and China. With the rise in the capability and usefulness of apps and wearables, mobile health will surely have a bright and promising future.It is evident now that the mobile health revolution has been readily fueled.

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This panel is the new highlight of CMU Summit. In the past years, we’ve invited Mia, Liaoyuan, Zhen Fund, and other most active startup companies and VCs, and witnessed entrepreneurs sharing thoughts and wisdoms on the stage.

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The fast growth of production imposes a critical challenge on the interaction between human and technologies. HCI, the study of interfaces between human and computer that aligns design study, behavioral science and computer science, greatly impacts the establishment of a convenient modern human life. 

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The virtual reality (VR) industries are at an early yet fantastically productive stage. Those technologies are capturing people’s attention and imagination, and quickly spreading across various industries.

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As robotics technology advances in an increasing rate, there will be more robots around us as different roles, more than we can imagine now. What types of exciting robotics technologies are going to come to real-life? Are these technologies going to change the way human and robots get along with each other? 

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The goal of the Artificial Intelligence Panel is to take the audiences on a journey to gaze into the near future, a world submerged by computer science and mathematics, statistics and machine learning, logic and algorithms.