Mobile Health Panel

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Mobile health

Saturday, April 15, 2017

4:40pm - 6:00pm

UC McConomy Auditorium

Mobile Health technology has established a stably growing trend in all populations across the globe, especially in US and China. With the rise in the capability and usefulness of apps and wearables, mobile health will surely have a bright and promising future. It is evident now that the mobile health revolution has been readily fueled. The continuous development in mobile health will change the way patients tracking their health, physicians providing services, and communities sharing information. 


  • The role of mobile health technologies in preventive care and chronic disease control
  • How information technologies can contribute to more evidence-based and patient-oriented healthcare
  • Challenges in healthcare information management: large datasets, data security and patient privacy


Ting Shih                Moderator

CEO & Founder, ClickMedix

2012 Laureate of the Cartier Women's Initiative

2016 USAID / DAI Innovation into Action Challenge

Shih is the founder of ClickMedix, an award-winning healthcare technology enterprise born out of MIT Media Lab to enable health organizations to serve more patients through its eHealth platform. Her areas of expertise include mHealth solution design, competitive strategy, lean/Six Sigma process improvement and operations management. Shih spent the last 5 years implementing mobile health programs across 18 countries to develop financially sustainable health programs through ClickMedix. The programs equip health professionals with smartphones to capture patients’ health data to be transmitted to remote specialists who can provide diagnosis and treatment advice.

Eric Xing

Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

Founder, Center for Machine Learning and Health at Carnegie Mellon University

Founder & CEO & Chief Scientist, Petuum Inc.

Dr. Xing’s main research interests are the development of machine learning and statistical methodology, and large-scale computational system and architectures, for solving problems in artificial, biological, and social systems. With strong academic background in both AI and molecular biology, Dr. Xing wants to use his strength in computing to amplify the value behind the massive volume of healthcare-related data. The Center for Machine Learning and Health, spearheaded by Dr. Xing, is currently mining UPMC’s health data in the hope of “smart-ifying” the entire healthcare system.

Joel Selanikio

Cofounder & CEO, Magpi

WSJ Technology Innovation Award Winner

Lemelson-MIT Award for Sustainability Winner

Dr. Selanikio is an award-winning physician, TED speaker, inventor, emergency responder, and consultant working in the fields of technology, healthcare, entrepreneurship, social innovation, big data, child health, and disaster response. In 2003, he founded Magpi, a software company which provides a mobile data collection platform designed for mobile app to collect real-time health-related data. As the CEO and co-founder of the company, he lead development of the multiple-award-winning Magpi mobile data collection and messaging software, which can be considered the most widely scaled mobile technology ever created for international development.

Steven D. Shapiro

Executive Vice President, UPMC

Chief Medical and Scientific Officer

President, Health Services Division

As the President and Chief Medical and Scientific Officer of the Health Services Division, Dr. Shapiro leads an integrated delivery and finance system which includes 31 hospitals and 3,800 employed physicians. During his first five years at UPMC and Pitt, Dr. Shapiro served as the Jack D. Myers professor and chair of the Department of Medicine before being named UPMC’s chief medical and scientific officer in 2010. Dr. Shapiro was also the Parker B. Francis professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and the chief of the Division of Pulmonary and Critical Care at Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Henry Bian  

CTO, Wingspan

Previous Senior R&D Manager, GE Healthcare

During his tenure at GE Healthcare, Bian has 14 years of experience in Research & Development in medical information products. He defined the software architecture of medical information products based on internet and cloud computing. After he joined Wingspan, he led the development of a cloud diagnostic platform, an imaging sharing platform, and information products as well as the development of Wingspan’s first AI-embedded diagnostic product.

Bruce L Rollman

UPMC Endowed Chair in General Internal Medicine

Director, Center for Behavioral Health and Smart Technology

Professor of Medicine, Psychiatry, Biomedical Informatics, and Clinical and Translational Science, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine