AI + Fintech

Financial Technology, or Fintech, is a new industry that emerged in the 20th century. Originally, Fintech was mostly used on the back-end of businesses. Then it managed to break its shell and generated many technologies that have direct contact with the customers, such as mobile payments and money transfers. In recent years, there has been a “new-wave” in the Fintech industry, the incorporation of Fintech and Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is currently used as a tool to manage the interaction between financial services and their customers. Technologies like neural networks and machine learning gave financial firms the ability to process a larger, more diverse, and deeper data set than ever before. More applications of AI in the Fintech industry include the improvements in credit offering, personal financial services and regulatory software. To embrace this fast-growing fusion, the CMU Silicon Valley AI Summit has decided to host the AI + Fintech Panel and bring together professionals in the industry to provide some insights on the future of this phenomenon. The following are tentative subtopics for this upcoming AI + Fintech Panel:


panel Subtopics

  • Major AI Applications in Fintech
  • Recent AI-in-Fintech breakthroughs
  • Current and Foreseeable Challenges of the Developing Industry
  • Future Trends and Opportunities


panel Guest