The Future in Computer Vision and Image Processing

Learning techniques from Artificial Intelligence have been widely applied in Computer Vision and Image Processing. One interesting question is how computers can be made for gaining high-level understanding from digital images or videos? Computer vision and Image Processing tasks are concerned with the theory behind arti cial systems that extract information from images, including acquiring, processing, analyzing and understanding digital images with high-dimensional data from the real world. Application of Computer Vision and Image Processing touch a wide range of fields, like security, machine vision, facial recognition, autonomous driving, etc. CMU has long been a world leader in researching and developing Computer Vision and Image Processing, with recent technology breakthroughs in human body language recognition, image feature extraction with Semantic Component Analysis (SCA) and human actions prediction from noisy visual input. Now at 2018 CMU Silicon Valley AI Summit, the Computer Vision and Image Processing panel brings together leaders in this eld from both academia and industry and will present topics on current challenges and the future of Computer Vision and Image processing.


panel Subtopics

  • Popular Industrial Applications of CV and Image Processing
  • Cutting-edge Researches in CV and Image Processing
  • Market Value and Investment Trends
  • Current Challenges and Potential Approachs


panel Guest