Chatting with AI:

The Progress and Challenges of Natural Language Processing

 Language technologies, as an important study eld of Articial Intelligence, re-mold the traditional interfaces of how people interact with computers. Such change enables AI to participate people’s life more closely and personally. Natural Language Processing allows corporations to analyze messages, mails, posts and voices to provide personalized services. Intelligent assistants and intelligent pods help individuals to organize their daily life and even provide long-time companion. With a focus on latest industry progress, Chatting with AI panel is going to discuss how key developments in Natural Language Processing, Voice Recognition and Voice Interaction affect the near future and what progress have scientists  made in conquering the current challenges like Affective Computing and other difficulties. We aims to present the new era where we talks about AI and we are able to chat with AI.


panel Subtopics

  • Intelligent Assistants
  • Machine Translation
  • Voice Recognition
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Voice Interaction Design
  • Affective Computing


Panel Guest